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How to Setup Windows Live Writer with Umbraco 7

umbraco - windows live writer

Distraction free writing is pretty important when putting together blog posts and I find live writer a pretty good tool to achieve this, means you don’t have your web browser open and aren’t inclined to jump around to other tabs.  You could use another text edit but with being able to publish directly from live writer to Umbraco is pretty neat, also with the ability to upload images it's my number 1 choice for writing blog posts with Umbraco.


Install Tutorial

Prepare Umbraco for the pending install of live writer by going into Umbraco > Users then select your username and go into the Content Channel


Umbraco custom content channel


Fill in the sections like in the screenshot above.  I usually only fill in the Description field and leave the “Category field” and “Excerpt” fields blank. I find this plays much nicer with Live Writer.


Go into your templates and open your master template. You’ll need to add the following in your head tag. Just above the </head> element is fine.

<!-- Metaweblog API -->

<link rel="EditURI" type="application/rsd+xml" href="/umbraco/channels/rsd.aspx" />

<link rel="wlmanifest" type="application/wlmanifest+xml" href="/umbraco/channels/wlmanifest.aspx" />


Download Windows Essentials from Microsoft.com, you can either Google it or use this link (valid as of 15th August 2015) http://windows.microsoft.com/en-nz/windows-live/essentials


Once downloaded run the install and do a “custom install” – You only need to install writer and can skip the other options.


I would do a “custom install” and just select “writer”

windows live custom install


For Blog service choose “Other Services”.


Windows Live Other Services


Fill in the details to the root of you website.


Windows Live Writer Add Blog Account


If you see a screen like the following then there was an error, go back and check you filled in everything correctly.


Windows Live Writer Select Blog Provider


You should see a screen like so.


Windows Live Writer Blog Setup Done


Once this is done you should be all set to go.  You can do a test publish and make sure it all works.


I normally always use the “Post draft to blog” from live writer and then check everything looks correct in Umbraco before doing the actual publish.


Hope this helps someone.  If you need some help please leave a comment below and I’ll see what I can do.


Till next time.

Happy Blogging.